Considering the initial days of betting, the horse racing industry has evolved at a rather rapid pace. Despite its evolution over the years, it is rather too young and the landscape of horse racing and online betting is shifting constantly. Keeping in mind the changing legislation all over the world and the advancement in the field of technology, there are several new sites that have successfully made their niche in the web world and there are also some sites which got left behind in the race. This competition makes it tough to stay updated about what’s going on in the world of betting and which sites to use. A leading and well-known site could soon be outshone by others within a year. is an extensive guide to all the horse race events that are being held in the country and the forms of betting with the main focus on online betting. It is also run by a loyal and dedicated team that has an extremely high level of experience and knowledge on betting. Our team is committed to provide up-to-date and accurate information to the readers on everything that is happening in the world of betting. Read on to know more on what we offer, who we are and our mission.

Our Mission

We, at, publish information to assist people to stay well-armed and more confident while they engage themselves in the most entertaining and exciting sports betting activities online. Our website is designed to cater to the needs of horse racing enthusiasts and we boast of serving you with latest information. Horse racing combines the passion of sport, horses and betting at the same time. Betting on horses needs minimum knowledge in order to gain maximum chances of winning. There are several parameters about the horse, the track and the jockey that you need to take into account in order to place winning bets. We at have a dedicated team that is focused on finding details on casino, horse racing events, poker and other sports betting and sharing them with our customers so that they can get more bang for their bucks.

We also write on information about the regulatory landscape of UK online betting. We also wish to help players select the best and the safest places to bet on a regular basis. In short, we have a 2-fold mission:

  • Firstly, we have a goal to help as many clients as is possible and to help them in finding the best and the most appropriate betting site which caters to their personal requirements. This is the reason why we set a different rank for the best betting companies as per separate categories. Our rankings are updated constantly.
  • Secondly, our team always focuses on making the best resource on the internet for anything and everything on horse racing events and betting. We have achieved a lot and we’re treading towards our goal of being called the best resource on the web.

What we offer

Our website is well-designed, user-friendly, easy to navigate and has all sorts of information that our readers may need on sharpening their knowledge on horse racing betting. We have enlisted in categories the best betting sites and hence choosing an option becomes easier for our target audience. We also have accurate and detailed reviews of the betting sites so that the readers get enough opportunities to compare and shop around before choosing the best one. Besides, we also have several articles written on horse racing and betting so that you can go through them and educate yourself on the various aspects of placing the right bets.

Advertising Disclosure

Thanks to the funding that we get from our valuable advertising relationships that we can easily operate our website This funding arrives from the relationships that we’ve been nurturing with few online betting operators.

For instance, when you click on a link on our website or utilize a bonus code that is featured in our site for registration in some other sports betting site, we get monetary compensation from the company. Moreover, in some limited cases, we even sell banner advertising space that is clearly marked to other companies.

We follow a very strict policy about the editorial content in our website:

  • Advertisers don’t enjoy a say over any content that is published on
  • Advertisers are not allowed to ‘purchase’ positive reviews as all the reviews on our site are conducted independently
  • Advertisers are not allowed to ‘purchase’ sponsored articles or news stories

In a nutshell, we aim at offering unique, relevant and timeless information on the UK legislation, UK horse racing events and on the scene of betting companies in the industry.

We promote Responsible Betting

For majority, it is fun to bet online. Rather than watching television, there are many who prefer betting on horse races that are conducted on the online betting platforms through live streaming features. We at encourage responsible gaming and we only accept advertisements from operators that also encourage responsible betting. We offer online betting to people who are more than 21 years of age.

More on our Editing team

The editor of is a writer with enough experience and is also a web publisher with deep knowledge on the different types of betting on horse races. The entire editing team under the supervision of our editor is responsible for managing content for several other websites and we love to deal with a wide array of subjects on horse racing and betting. Our editing team has successfully developed a new scheme for bonus for an online casino and a new VIP program for a sports betting site.

Our Team

Besides the technical guys and the editor, there are many more writers who also contribute their skills to We are proud to own such a team with an eclectic range of experience and knowledge. Their diverse knowledge makes it easier for us to write on any topic that we want; give you the best and the latest information on the current horse racing events, horse racing tips and the horse race betting industry. We also provide a balanced view on reviewing and ranking other betting sites instead of just including few opinions of customers.

Stay tuned to for getting exclusive and unique prognostics to establish the best horse racing bets and we’re also going to add on more details to our team. Kindly keep checking back for more updates on the world of horse racing and betting.

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