Bangor racecourse Horse Racing event – Review, Tips and betting odds

Essential facts on Bangor racecourse – A guide for novice horse racing bettorsSince February 1859 when the first ever race took place on Bangor-on-Dee, this race course has been successfully hosting horse racing events on a regular basis for a span of 150 years. Bangor-on-Dee is located along Wrexham and they have always been known for hosting National Hunt races. Of late, they have gained popularity for hosting few of the amateur points-to-points races. Bangor-on-Dee racecourse is owned by the well-known company called Chester Race Company Ltd and hence as a matter of fact, they have a strong relation with their sister racecourse, Chester.

If there is any single racecourse in Britain which doesn’t have a grandstand, it is only Bangor-on-Dee and here races keep occuring throughout the entire span of the calendar. If you reach Chester, you could reach Bangor-on-Dee by car by taking a half-an-hour drive and the customers or spectators have free parking facilities as well. In case you’re traveling by train, Wrexham General is the closest station.

A little bit on the Bangor racecourse

The main race course at Bangor-on-Dee is triangular in shape and it is a 1m3f left-handed course which has got 3 sharp bends and which is also undulating in few places. As mentioned above, there is a place for point-to-point course and it is situated on the inside portion of the main course and hence it is right-handed. There are 9 fences in each circuit and this makes it a rather challenging and fast racecourse and in the final straight, there are 2 fences which span over more than 325 yards.

Any idea on the ticket costs of Bangor races?Any idea on the ticket costs of Bangor races?

Bangor provides you with yearly tickets to all customers who give them permission to enter the 15 yearly days of race at Bangor and also entitles the holder of the ticket to get access to 25 different race days which are held at several other racecourses all over UK. These tickets can be used throughout January to December and they’re available for 175 pounds. On the other hand, the general tickets for the other days of the race begin at 7 pounds if you buy them way before time for entering the enclosure of the course and 17 pounds for entering the Paddock Enclosure. People under the age of 16 are allowed free of cost provided they’re accompanied by an adult who has paid for his ticket in full.

What are the biggest meetings on Bangor?

As we have already discussed earlier, Bangor is a rather small track. Hence, there are very few major racing events taking place here but there are definitely few of the most famous sponsored events like Betfair Winter Event and several other charity days like horse racing on specific days which take place in this particular racecourse.

A little bit on hospitality and dining

As long as hospitality is concerned, Bangor is extremely welcoming as they have the most effective services along with the most efficient facilities. They have a Paddock restaurant which provides a wide variety drinks and food items which are all set at a fixed price of 80 pounds per person. You can also avail the gold package of hospitality; either in a marquee or a chalet or in the Dee suits and this is entirely on your discretion. The price of all this will include a 3-course meal, a race card along with several other flowery arrangements. You also get the option for added drinks packages as they also include lagers, wines and soft drinks. The payment that you would have to make is 40 pounds.

The Bangor-on-Dee fixture list for 2019 calendar year

According to the calendar, there are 14 race days for the calendar year 2019 and here is the list for you:

  • 8th January: New Year’s MeetingThe Bangor-on-Dee fixture list for 2019 calendar year
  • 8th February: Heritage Day
  • 23rd March: Welcome to Sky Sports Racing Day
  • 13th April: Discovery Day
  • 18th May: Wrexham Lager Family Funday
  • 4th June: Summer Meeting
  • 2nd August: Ladies Day
  • 19th August: Family Evening
  • 30th August: Gentleman’s Day
  • 2nd October: Countryside Day
  • 29th October: Halloween Meeting
  • 13th November: Anne Duchess of Westminster’s Charity Day
  • 30th November: Late November Meeting
  • 13th December: Christmas Meeting

Therefore, if you’re someone who is interested in the horse racing events in the UK, you can certainly visit the Bangor-on-Dee racecourse in order to be able to check out and be a part of the above listed events throughout the year. Mark the dates on your calendar and visit accordingly.

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