Best betting opportunities in Nigeria – An overview of horse racing

If you’re into the world of horse racing, you must be aware of the fact that this sport is referred to the skill of riding the horse, driving, steeple chasing and vaulting with the horses. Considering Nigeria, horse riding is considered as one of the oldest sports and the main concept of horse racing hasn’t gone through any transition over the centuries. In order to make the horses fight against other competitors, they’re trained and ridden for work and practical purposes. While horse racing can be utilized for competitive sports, it is not just restrained to dressage, endurance riding, show jumping, diving and tent pegging.

Not only in Africa but horse racing is considered as one of the most interesting sports in several other places all over the world. Nigeria is yet to participate in riding sports though it is practiced locally.  There are horse riding clubs and centers in Nigeria which create a unique environment for different fun activities and horse riding.

Overview of horse betting in Nigeria

Betting on sports has been a long time favorite pastime for people in Nigeria and this is the reason why there is a gaining momentum of online bookmakers in the country. With a host of new platforms that are all battling for attention, there is a simultaneous rise in the number of punters and bettors in Nigeria. Bettors in Nigeria can utilise the services of both international and domestic bookmakers and they can even select the best betting platform.

Best betting sites to place your bet

Nowadays, the mobile betting sites offer 100% usability and features like live streaming and supportive customer care service among several other features. If you’re someone who is interested in sports betting, read on to know about the best sites for horse racing in Nigeria.


Nairabet is an online bookmaker in Nigeria which was founded in the year 2009 and since then, they have started creating a considerable impact on the marketplace with the help of their wide range of features. With time, they have introduced new and attractive features and services in order to lure their customers and stand apart from the crowd. Being regulated by the Lagos State Lotteries Board, Nairabet is currently the biggest bookmakers in Africa. They’re revered for their wide range of promotions and plethora of sports markets that appeal the bettors. Their 24X7 customer care service is yet another feature that is worth mentioning.


Sportybet is one of the biggest game changers in the African betting industry and they enjoy the strongest position in Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya and of course Nigeria. As far as the Nigerian market is concerned, there is every indication that they have done enough research before treading into the marketplace. For betting, you just have to log into their site and check out the ‘popular’ events in the Home Page and also watch out the prematch games in ‘Highlights’ area. Browse through the live betting games and the virtuals to be able to place a bet. You can also download the Sportbet app from Android and iOS platforms.


If you’re looking for an African bookmaker that can provide you with a European feel, Bet9ja is certainly the answer for you. Their betting platform is easy-to-use and lets customers effortlessly navigate from one market to another thereby helping them place their bets within few minutes. Not only that, this online bookmaker also offers their customers huge loads of information and statistics regarding the best sports teams to bet on and the winning players of the games.

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History of horse betting in Nigeria

Though there is a gambling law in place in Nigeria, the market is not well regulated as there are several illegal casinos operating in the country. The biggest casino is the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos. The Nigerian law concentrates on activities like illegal gambling and money laundering. The National Lottery Regulation Commission regulates gambling in Nigeria and the lottery system was legalized with the National Lottery Act.  However, Nigerian law doesn’t mention any such regulations on online space and there’s no such restriction for people to access the gambling sites. Though internet space isn’t mentioned in the law, the companies are bound to follow few regulations that are applicable for the land-based casinos.

Then there are viewing centres that have gained popularity over the years where other sports and live football are aired. You’re also allowed to check out the outcome of the bet that you placed online.

While online gambling is not regulated in Nigeria, sports betting is legal. If you’re a betting enthusiast residing in Nigeria, you needn’t worry as there are plenty of sports betting sites to place your bets from.

Be safe and have fun!

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