The Glorious Goodwood Festival Horse Racing event – Review, Tips and betting odds

Glorious Goodwood is the colloquial name given to the great Qatar Goodwood Festival and it is one of the biggest and most famous flat racing events of the year along with being the highlight of the Goodwood Racecourse. Needless to mention, the Glorious Qatar Goodwood Festival is one of the most prestigious festivals that occurs in the calendar of horse racing. This 5-day festival started off in 1802 and was initially meant for the army officers. Eventually, over the years, it grew in popularity and came to be known as an Illustrial festival all over the globe.

What You will learn about Glorious Goodwood Festival

In this post, we are going to discuss about the history of this horse race festival, betting odds, on the event, the lineage of the event and many more. We will help you pick the best value bet by giving you details on the betting odds. Read on to know more on this.

Glorious Goodwood Festival is an annual five-day festival of horse racing held at Goodwood Racecourse in West Sussex, England. The festival, which is known as one of the highlights of the British summer, starts on the Tuesday of the last week in July and runs until the Saturday. Every day of the festival includes a variety of thrilling horse racing, with high-class and competitive flat racing, as well as a selection of jump and point-to-point races. As well as the horse racing, the festival features a range of other activities such as live music, food markets, and family-friendly attractions.
The atmosphere at the Glorious Goodwood Festival is one of excitement and anticipation. Racegoers can expect to have an unforgettable experience with a variety of attractions, events and activities to keep them entertained. From luxury picnics to champagne bars and pop-up restaurants, to cocktail bars serving up the finest drinks, there is something for everyone. As well as the racing, festival-goers can enjoy live music and comedy, a shopping village, a funfair and other activities. Each day at the festival also features a Best Dressed competition where the most stylish racegoers can win prizes.

The Glorious Goodwood Festival – Review of the event, history, betting odds and more

Promotions and betting offers – Glorious Goodwood

If you take into account the size of this event, it is undoubtedly one of the largest flat racing events in the world. More than 10 races of high worth occur throughout the 5 days and hence it can be guaranteed that you will get plenty of betting offers that are not only attractive but also profitable at the same time. Once you visit the promotions pages of your favorite bookies, you can get a list of the free bet deals, odds prices, refunds on bets and extra bonuses.

If you browse the site just before the event starts, it’s worth mentioning that the operators can provide you with few specific races instead of offering the entire event as a whole. Hence, you have to ensure watching out for deals on some of the most famous races like Sussex Stakes and Nassau Stakes.

Levels of betting odds at Glorious Goodwood

For an event of this weight, you can be dead-sure about the fact that majority of the betting sites provide you with outstanding value. Considering the level of betting odds of Glorious Goodwood, they have some of the best ones and studies done through the last few years show payout prices of an average of 88%. It was also seen that the betting sites which have few of the best value were Paddy Power, Betway and BetVictor. Keep in mind these three operators in mind before placing your bet.

If you think of placing super-early wagers for such events, you won’t derive any other mentionable benefit. Even though you wait till the time of the race to place the best, you can still obtain the best value indeed.

Levels of betting odds at Glorious Goodwood

Few amusing facts on the Glorious Goodwood Festival

This racing event takes place at one of the best scenic racing venues of UK and being a 5-day festival, it is one of the typically-British events among all the other racing events covered. These Goodwood races herald the end of the summer season and other event like Wimbledon and Royal Ascot. Other mentionable races that occur throughout the week are Nassau Stakes, Sussex Stakes among the others. In the year 1999, the Nassau Stakes was upgraded to the status of Group I and this race is held on the 3rd day. The race offers a generous amount of 600,000 Pounds.

  • First Held in the year: 1812
  • Prize Amount: 1,000,000 Pounds
  • Event duration: 5 days
  • Track: Goodwood
  • Qualification: Varied
  • Weight: Varied

Majority of the seasoned and newbie bettors would agree to the fact that the Group One Sussex Stakes is the most anticipated races of this entire event. Being the most valuable horse race with a prize amount of 1 million pound shared with the winners, this amount has been won by some of the most popular legends including Frankel in 2011 and 2012. Then there was a 10-year sponsorship deal signed with Qatar Racing which thereafter became their official sponsor. This was said to be the biggest deal in the history of British racing.

Few amusing facts on the Glorious Goodwood Festival

The story behind Glorious Goodwood

The Goodwood Cup is the oldest race of the Goodwood Festival and it was first held in 1812. During the initial years, this festival occurred for 2 days but later on was moved to the end of July in the year 1814. Since then it continued for a week. With the attraction of bigger purses, the betting has increased steadily and has successfully lured the top level horses in the field. In the year 2016, there were winners of 3 Europena Guineas, Awtaad, Galileo and The Gurkha and this was one of the most interesting encounters.

Goodwood Racecourse’s manager mentioned his wish to elevate this event to a first-class status. He also said that this team is working relentlessly to upgrade as many races to Group One as is possible.

So, if you love horse race betting, wager with any of the Glorious Goodwood Betting sites to get the best bets.

Glorious Goodwood why its so popular event

Glorious Goodwood is an iconic and prestigious event that takes place in West Sussex, England every summer. It has become popular due to its long-standing tradition of providing an entertaining and enjoyable experience for racegoers, as well as its beautiful setting in the rolling South Downs. From the stunning scenery and the Victorian grandstands to the glamorous fashion and the delicious food, Glorious Goodwood offers something for everyone. Not only is it a great place to watch high-level horse racing, but also a place to socialize, enjoy the outdoors and see some of the world’s most impressive race horses. It is no wonder that so many people flock to the venue year after year.
It is also renowned for its exciting atmosphere and the friendly, welcoming crowd. It offers a packed schedule of racing throughout the week, with a range of different events suitable for all levels of experience. From the prestigious Qatar Goodwood Festival to the afternoon and evening events, there is something for everyone. The event also features a range of entertainment, from live music to a funfair and street food, making it an all-round enjoyable experience for all ages. With the combination of thrilling racing and a great atmosphere, it is easy to see why Glorious Goodwood is so popular.

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