Hennessy Gold Cup Horse Racing event – Review, Tips and betting odds

Hennessy Gold Cup Horse Racing Event – All you need to know on bets, odds and pricesThe Hennessy Gold Cup is usually the most anticipated event, the second-most renowned handicap chase soon after Crabbie’s Grand National in the eyes of most punters. For followers of horse races, this has always been a strong race and it is a specific race for the leading fancies with 23 among the last 30 winners starting first four. So, it is not at all wise to have look beyond the obvious.

Hennessy Gold Cup Horse Racing event

The Hennessy Gold Cup is a prestigious horse racing event that takes place annually in the UK. It is a National Hunt steeplechase race which is open to horses aged five years and older. The event is held under the rules of the Jockey Club, and it offers a prize fund of £220,000 to the winner, making it one of the most lucrative horse racing events in the country. The race is run over a distance of three miles, two furlongs and ninety-seven yards, and it takes place at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire. The event is highly competitive, with some of the best horses in the country taking part.
It is also known for its challenging nature, as the course is filled with a variety of obstacles including ditches, open ditches, fences and water jumps. It is a Grade 3 race which is open to horses aged five and over, and the event attracts a large number of spectators each year. The event usually takes place in November, and it is the highlight of the National Hunt season in the UK. The race is also a major event for the betting industry, with many punters placing wagers on the outcome of the race. The Hennessy Gold Cup is a popular event with both horse racing fans and betting enthusiasts alike, and it is sure to remain a major event for years to come.

Bets, odds and a review on the event

One among the best steeplechase events of the UK calendar, this Hennessy Gold Cup has constantly kept enthralling audiences since the time it was founded in the year 1957. This is a National Hunt steeplechase for the grade3 horses that are more than 4 years of age. The race is held at Newbury Racecourse throughout a distance of 3 miles and 2 and half furlongs. If you’re interested in the handicap race, it takes place either in early December or later November. This is one of the favorite matches during the winter season.

Hennessy Gold Cup promotions and betting offers

The first big race which is targeted by majority of the trainers during the season of National hunt is the Ladbrokes Trophy. During late November or early December, this race is played at Newbury. From 1957 to 2016, this was called Hennessy Gold Cup but later on in 2017, Ladbrokes (official name) took over their sponsorship and since then it was officially given the name of Ladbrokes Trophy. Nevertheless, there are several racing enthusiasts who still recognize this race event as Hennessy Gold Cup. Read on to know on the betting guide, their bets and offers.

For this specific Gold Cup or the Ladbrokes Trophy, there are several bookmakers that offer special deals which can let you get added value in their bets. The punter who wins this race will be considered as the ultimate favorite for the next Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup and this is the reason why most bookies and punters keep a close watch on whatever happens in this race. Due to the extreme popularity of this race, bookmakers provide one-off deals to lure more sign-ups by one-off bettors.

This Cup includes races where horses need jump over fences and henceforth there are several bookies that will give you back your money in case the horse in question becomes a faller. There are other special offers like letting score big in case your horse becomes somewhere between 5th and 8th. You should be sure about the horse that you would like to bet on and the betting operator that offers the most extensive deal.

Odds prices of Hennessy Gold Cup

Odds prices of Hennessy Gold CupIt can’t be denied that the National Hunt events are extremely popular in tempting too many punters as compared to other conventional horse races. So, bookmakers should be able to offer them luring odds prices lest the punters go to other competitive bookmakers for better prices. In fact, the betting sites curb their margin of profit by few points to retain the interest of the customers. This clearly implies that there is better value that the punter could have. If you wish to find out a trick, you should take a close watch across the board before you place the bet so that you can have sure information that you’ve got the best value.

Facts on Hennessy Cup that may interest you

Though it is not as old as the Epsom Derby or Grand National, nevertheless, they still have a deep and historical lineage. They have completed celebrating their 60th anniversary and Mandarin was the winner of the race and it was actually owned by Peggy Hennessy, who was the member of Hennessy family. Here are few new and interesting facts on the race.

  • First held: 1957
  • Surface: Turf
  • Distance: 3m 2 ½ f
  • Track: Newbury
  • Qualification: Minimum 4 years old
  • Weight: Handicap

This race was initially introduced in Cheltenham before they moved to Newbury in Berkshire in 1960. In the Hennessy Gold Cup, few of the biggest winter horses were involved like Bregawn, Mill House, Arkle, Denman and Burrough Hill Lad. Among them there are few horses which have already won both Cheltenham Gold Cup and King George.

The Hennessy Cup is an annual sailing race that takes place in the waters off the coast of Ireland. It is hosted by the Royal Cork Yacht Club and is one of the oldest regattas in the world, having been held since 1720. The race is typically held in early summer and is typically around 130 nautical miles in length. The Hennessy Cup itself is a perpetual trophy awarded to the yachtsman who wins the race. It is a highly contested event and attracts sailors from all over the world, making it an exciting and prestigious event.
It is an event steeped in history and prestige. It is a challenge of skill and endurance, requiring the sailors to navigate their vessels in a variety of conditions at sea. The competition is open to all types of sailing vessels, from small dinghies to larger keelboats and multihulls. The race is often challenging due to the unpredictable weather conditions in the Irish Sea, making it a true test of the sailor’s abilities. The Hennessy Cup is a unique event, and the winner is awarded a prestigious trophy and recognition from the sailing community. It is an event that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

A little bit of history Hennessy Cup Horse Event

A little bit of historyOver time, the price and cost of the Gold Cup has gone through a drastic change. Initially, the first race was worth 5272 Pounds and the prize amount was 250,000 Pounds. Apart from the price, there are several other things that have changed as well. Previously, punters had to bet strictly from the racecourse but now they can do so from the comfort of their home.

The Hennessy Cup Horse Event is an annual event that has been held at the Hennessy Estate in France since 1868. It is a two-day event that includes a show jumping competition, a dressage competition, and an evening of entertainment. The event is well known for its large prize purse and the prestige it brings to the winning horse and rider. The event also serves as a showcase for the best horses and riders in France, as well as a platform for the country’s top horse trainers and riders.
It is a renowned event that continues to attract riders from all over the world. It is a highly competitive event that tests the horse and rider’s skill in all aspects of show jumping and dressage. The event is a highlight for the horse and rider community and is a great opportunity for riders to learn from and compete against the best in the industry. The Hennessy Cup Horse Event is a unique event that celebrates the skill and dedication of the horse and rider, and is a must-see event for any horse enthusiast.


It can be safely concluded that this race has grown in terms of prestige and popularity being home to some of the best horses. Among them Arkle is considered as one among the biggest steeplechase racers.

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