Horse Racing Events in UK

Though there are different types of sports betting that have mushroomed over the years, majority of them stem from horse racing. It can be certainly claimed that horse racing is undoubtedly the most famous form of sport in the history of all sports and its popularity and momentum mainly thrives on betting. This led to the birth of so many online horse racing betting sites that give you a chance to bet on horse racing.

Given the fact that horse racing is UK’s 2nd biggest spectator sport with more than 6 million people rushing to the track every year, it goes without saying that betting is an equally popular sport here. But how are you supposed to choose the best site among the many that you have? We are your one-stop destination for all your betting needs as we have this guide ready for you so that you can choose the best online bookmaker with ease. Read on for details.

Choosing the best horse racing event – Factors to watch out for

With a plethora of betting sites waiting to provide you with the best experience, choosing one horse racing event to bet on can get intimidating and daunting at the same time. So, before sign the agreement with a potential bookmaker, there are few vital things that you should take note of, particularly when you’re looking for a good quality platform that offers horse race betting.

Does the operator offer a worthy welcome offer? Do they offer live streams? It’s important that you distinguish between the good sites from the bad before taking the plunge.

Selection of horse racing events

Basically, when you work with us, you can be more than sure that the operators that we feature on our site will cover most of the well-known races from the British Isles. However, there is an entire host of professional races that take place in North and South America, Asia and beyond. To make sure that the customers are always spoiled for choice, a good operator will always try to provide bets on a wide array of horse races from all over the world.

Virtual Betting

This is one of the most lucrative markets in UK. Any operator that is worth its salt will make sure they have a virtual betting platform with proper state-of-the-art graphics and best functionality. Platforms have also optimised their mobile apps to support virtual betting platforms.


The most famous horse racing events draw their interest from wagers in UK. It is within the interest of the bookmaker to offer special bonuses and deals which coincide with majority of the high-profile events that can help bettors choose surplus funds. Who doesn’t love a freebie after all?

Horse racing apps

You may not find apps that are solely dedicated to horse race betting but there are definitely operators that optimise their usual sports betting apps in such a manner that they let customers place bets on horse races. Nevertheless, the best apps always come with a wide array of features that makes horse betting a seamless experience.

The above mentioned four icons speak about the most vital aspects of a horse racing event that a punter should watch out for. Don’t fall for a site that just lures you with a welcome bonus as you also need to check the below mentioned criteria.

Levels of odds

Odds levels is something that you need to take into account before you begin to choose a bookmaker. Though odds level is different between hunt races and flat races, yet the odds level speaks about the value that you may get for a bet. No bookie can ever offer you odds of 100% but you can expect a 90% from the best betting platforms.

Tote Pools

If you wish to ease yourself into betting on horse races, you can get involved with a tote pool. This works by pooling or clubbing bets into a single big jackpot. Once the horse runs the race, the money is disbursed among the customers along with the winning bet. Although tote betting might not offer you similar starting prices as you can enjoy with regular betting but it can pave your way for massive jackpot wins.

Live Streaming

One of the best ways of getting involved in the action as it happens is through live streams. You can study the past forms of the competitor through live streams and thereby hone your handicapping skills.

Is it better to bet on horse races online or offline?

Rather than making your weekly trip to the local bookie, you can now enjoy betting from the comfort of your home via a desktop or a smartphone. While there are some punters who love the modern approach, there are others who still choose to cling on to the conventional approach. This is because some bettors love the social feel of betting shops while the others love the peace they get at home. However, the best part is that you don’t require choosing between the two.

How do you know you’re secured and safe while betting?

Unless you check the quality and type of security that you’ll get from a specific bookmaker, you won’t get a clear idea on whether or not you’ll get a legitimate and fair betting service. The main regulatory body of Britain is the UK Gambling Commission which is responsible for ensuring that the betting sites offer transparent service sans corruption. Make sure the sports bookmaker that you choose is affiliated with this aforementioned organisation and try to enquire about their license number. Even more, if they have the seal of British Horse Racing Association, you can be dead-sure that they’re 100% fair.

What made horse racing events in UK so popular?

Horse racing is an exhilarating sport which has got something for everyone, whether you’re a fashionista or a sport lover or a celeb watcher or a gambler. Here are few reasons that made horse racing so popular in UK.

  • It’s party, it’s fun. Who doesn’t love to enjoy a nice party with your friends over a cocktail, live sports and gambling? That definitely defines a massive party indeed!
  • Horse racing events are affordable. Enjoying a single day at UK’s best horse racing events is extremely affordable and if you bet on the right horses, you can walk back with more money than what you came with.
  • Racing provides you the ideal sports experience. If you cherish the bond that you share with your friends and family, there’s no better thing to enjoy an unparalleled entertainment experience than a horse racing event.
  • It’s digital! UK’s traditional sports meet the modern era. On the internet, there’s something for everyone and as far as apps are concerned, you get a lot more.
  • There’s gambling and you can win money. Once you bet on the right pony, you can take back oodles of money from the racecourse.

Therefore, before you move on to choose a sports bookmaker; don’t forget to keep the above listed factors in mind as they can help you settle down with the most trustworthy online betting platform. Stay cautious and steer clear from companies that are running behind the number game.