Indian top horse betting tips

Indian top horse betting tipsIt was in the year 1996 that the Supreme Court (SC) announced that horse betting doesn’t just involve luck but it is also a game that involves sheer skill. As a result of this announcement, the Police Act of 1888 or the Gaming Act of 1930 weren’t considered as an illegal form of gambling. Since then, horse racing in India has gained momentum. Currently, there are 5 Turf Authorities of India and they organise horse race events at 9 different racecourses which are found all across the country. In most states, there are even inter-tracking and off-course betting centres and all of them provide live TV coverage of the events and also accepts bets.

Horse racing and betting is a regulated and legal industry. As you go through the post, you will get to know that there are several opportunities for the Indians to bet on international horse races too online.

Horse race betting online in India

The state of Sikkim is the only one which offers gambling licenses legally. However, till date, they haven’t issued any license for horse race betting. The Turf Authorities of India safeguard their right to provide pari-mutuel betting at the race courses and on the other hand they tolerate the sports betting websites at the same time.

Bettors exercise broader rights. Putting down money on horses requires enough skill and hence they aren’t subject to any kind of gambling laws as per the Supreme Court. In fact, there are no such laws which can stop people from placing bets on horse racing through online wagering sites.

Best horse racing sites in IndiaBest horse racing sites in India

  1. Betrally: They offer you Rs. 7500 Bonus with a minimum deposit of Rs. 1000 which has got payout within 24 hours. Bettors rate this site 4.9/5.
  2. Betway: They offer you a bonus of Rs. 2500 with a minimum deposit of Rs. 200 and they have payout within 24 hours. Bettors rate this site 4.5/5.
  3. Bodog: They offer you a bonus of Rs. 15,000 with a minimum deposit of Rs. 500 and they payout within 24 hours. Bettors rate this site 4.2/5.
  4. Bet365: They offer you a bonus of Rs. 1600 with a minimum deposit of Rs. 350 and they have a payout within 24 hours as well. Bettors rate this site 3.9/5.
  5. RoyalPanda: They offer you a bonus of Rs. 15,000 with a minimum deposit of Rs. 1000 and they have a payout within 24 hours. Bettors rate this site 3.9/5.

Bet on Horse races held in Hyderabad, Mumbai and other states

The experts suggest that is the only reputable bookmaker that takes bets for races which are held on Indian tracks. Due to this, you can easily bet even on international horse races which are held in Ireland, UK, US and various other places. Through this site, you can also bet on horse races at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore Race Club and other states.

2000 Guineas Betting

One of the horse racing betting events which you might not wish to avert is missing out on 2000 Guineas Stakes which is held in the end of April and May. It is a classic British race which was initially run in 1809. This event continues to be one of the best events till date and this is open to 3-year old fillies and thoroughbreds. If you love these events, you can start preparing for 2000 Guineas betting right away!

Indian horse racing bets – The most common types

In India, a bettor should always make a horse bet physically. Irrespective of where the bets are placed, on a bookmaker or a Tote or off-course or trackside, the types of wagers are standard. Here are the common types of bets.Indian horse racing bets – The most common types

  • Win: This is a horse racing betting wager which is done on a horse which finishes off first and this plays the dividend. The minimum bet is Rs. 10.
  • Shp: This is also called Second Horse Pool as this bet selects a horse to come in 2nd in a definite race. The wager will usually lose in case the horse wins the race or comes 3rd in the race.
  • Place: This demands finishing among the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place as in a single race there are 8-11 runners. In case there are fewer runners, it pays for finishing either 1st or 2nd.

Indian Free horse racing app

Did you know about the TURFBEE mobile app which is a venture of Racingpulse Holdings? This app has been designed for horse racing enthusiasts and is dedicated to offer comprehensive details on horse racing.

So, in India, horseracing is rather easy and hence you can keep in mind all the above listed information before taking a plunge.

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