International jumping of Mons Horse Racing event – Review, Tips and betting odds

If you’re a resident of Mons, you’ll be familiar with the fact that this place is home to all kinds of sports from yoga to aerobics, basketball to football, swimming to horse racing. The people of Mons, the Montois, love the practice of sports and the multitude of clubs that are there in Mons is proof to this fact. In the clubs, the leaders deploy their energy and talent and these associations play a vital role in developing the mindset of the younger generation who are taught to grow up as active individuals.

Among all the sports, the International jumping of Mons is considered as one of the noteworthy races of this place. More than 300 horses and 17 nations along with 100 riders accumulate in Mons to seek the pleasure of this racing event. This is considered as a show with a unique setting and that has got lots to discover.

Mons International Jumping Event

Mons International Jumping – On the event

This international jumping race in Mons was introduced in the year 2013 and it is one among the few jumping competitions that are usually held in Wallonia. 25,000 EUR is the prize money of this event and it has got 21 events, 5 among which qualify for FEI Longines ranking. The Grand Prix recently qualified for 2015 European Championships which were held in Aachen in the month of August and in the Olympic Games that were held in Brazil, Rio. The 3rd edition of this event is soon going to open its doors. The festivities this year had started on 30th June with Mons Challenge.

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The Mons Jumping International is an organization that belongs to Hippodrome de Wallonie and it is held on the sandy track that is usually installed in the center of race tracks. This particular track has got exceptional dimensions of 160mX80 and it is said to be the biggest track in Belgium. These dimensional reinforce the gaining momentum of this particular competition abroad. Gregory Wathelet (BEL) was the winner of the Grand Prix in 2014 and Christina Liebherr (SUI) was the winner in 2013.

What makes the event unique?

This International jumping de Mons is a 4star event that is said to be unique in Wallonia for several reasons. Firstly, it is the only competition in Wallonia and secondly it is held on the site of Hippodrome de Wallonie, Mons, which is a site that is internationally renowned. In order to stick to the reality of the contest and track, this track is set up in such a manner.

In fact, there are almost all sorts of ingredients that can make this event an exceptional one. Apart from being a super-high quality competition, it has internationally acclaimed riders, a covered stand, an equestrian village, VIP area and several other activities that are of immense pleasure to the seasoned racers as well as the amateurs. This event is accessible for all and in 2019, there was free access for everyone. The companies in the region get a chance to live the feeling of an original show and reach out to different kind of audience.

Show jumping – open jumping

Show jumping

Show jumping is also called open jumping, stadium jumping and it is a part of English riding equestrian events and this includes eventing, dressage, equitation and hunters. Even in the Olympics, you can see jumping classes being taken in the horse shows all over the world. Jumper classes can be governed through different national horse show organizations like British Showjumping Association of Great Britain and United States Equestrian Federation of the USA.

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Rules of the jumping races

The jumper classes are usually held over a course of show jumping obstacles like spreads, verticals and double or triple combinations which usually have too many changing directions. Before any horse is disqualified, they are allowed a certain number of refusals and a refusal will lead to a rider that surpasses the time that is allowed to him on the course. A rider along with a horse that has not got any penalty points or jumping faults are said to have scored something like a ‘clear round’. If You are interested in betting also check bet365 horse racing!

There are higher levels of competition like ‘A’ or ‘AA’ rated ones in the Grand Prix or the United States which present more technical and complex courses. The height and width of the obstacle is not just termed as the difficulty but there are also tight turns within unusual distances with fences in between. There are times when the horses have to jump over the fences from an angle rather than straight.

Therefore, if you’re living in Mons and you’re a sport enthusiast, you should definitely be a part of the International jumping race of Mons so as to get the best experience that we talked about in this article.

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