Kempton Races Horse Racing event – Review, Tips and betting odds

Kempton Races – Betting tipsKempton Racecourse is not just a horse racing track but it is also a licensed venue for holding conferences and entertainment programmes. This racecourse is located in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, England which lies 16 miles away from Charing Cross, London and it is also perched on one of the borders of Greater London. This specific site has got 210 acres of grassland which is entirely wrapped by woodland with 2 splendid lakes taking the centre stage. The entrance of this racecourse borders the railway station which was mainly created for the race goers.

Kempton races in uk – Tips for betting

Though it is true that a day at the racecourse doesn’t mean that it should include a bet but for several racegoers, this is nothing but a part of the experience. In fact, the art of betting is pretty old and it dates back to the time of the invention of racing as a game. While you can opt for the conventional route with the bookmakers in any single betting rings, you can also try betting shops or even test your destiny on the Tote. Read on to know the best tips for betting in Kempton racecourse.


The Bookmakers

WHERE SHOULD YOU BET?If you take into account the traditional bookmakers, they’re the actual heart and soul of the entire betting experience. But the point is that they are different and it’s important that you shop around for the odds of each race. If you don’t know where to find the odds on each race, you can check by the rails or on the grandstand. Whenever you place the bet, state the number of the horse and the stake. Carefully listen to what the bookmaker repeats after you give them the stake. Soon after, you’ll be given a receipt with all the details of the bet. Check it carefully and inform the bookmaker in case there’s something wrong in it. If your horse wins, hand over the ticket to the bookmaker to make the settlement.

Betting Shops

There are different betting shops which are created at different location all over the racing ground. They will accept all sorts of bets on the events or on the races. These betting shops can also be useful for someone who wishes to place simultaneous bets on multiple races that are held on the racecourse.

The Tote

The tote, unlike the traditional bookmakers offer you a pool bet. Here it pools the money together from the bets on a given race and then shares the money among the customers who has got the winning tickets. This means that the fewer are the people who bet on one horse as against others in the race, the bigger will be the percentage of the pool you will get in case it wins. 2 pounds is the minimum that you can bet on a tote.

More on the Kempton racecourse

This is probably the closest racecourse located in central London which is situated at a place that lies south-west of Trafalgar Square. This racecourse was first run in 1937 and the 3 mile chase is the 2nd most vital steeplechase in the calendar which can be bragged about as it is almost equal to the Gold Cup.

Feature Races on Kempton Racecourse

The big race is a feature race on a Boxing Day card which even includes the Feltham Novice’s Chase and Grade 1 Christmas Hurdle. Few of the other noteworthy jump races which are held at the Kempton Racecourse are Lanzarote Hurdle which is held late in January followed by Betbright Chase just a month later. This is a handicap race which runs over a span of 3 miles and which was won by Rough Quest and Desert Orchid in the past.

How is the track structured?

Kempton is an all-weather track and the surface that is in use is polytrack. It is a flat oval-shaped course which has got 2 loops. The inner circuit is used for horse races over 5, 9 and 10 furlongs and it has got a finishing straight under 2 furlongs. On the other hand, the turn which is there on the outer circuit is sweeper and the straight path almost continues for 3 furlongs.

Getting to Kempton Racecourse

Getting to Kempton RacecourseThey’re located on the A308 in between Hampton Court and Sunbury on Thames and this location is less a mile away from Junction 1 of M3 via Junction 12 of M25. For the trainers and owners, there is priority car parking and those with disabilities can also get parking lots. On all racedays, there’s free car parking and on other days, the cost per vehicle is 5 pounds.

Therefore, now that you know the ins and outs of Kempton racecourse, don’t hesitate to visit their ground whenever you feel like.

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