Kentucky Derby Horse Racing event – Review, Tips and betting odds

If you consider the Kentucky Derby, it is usually referred to the most interesting 2 minutes in sports. This match usually takes place on the first Saturday of the month of May every year and the packed up crowds at Churchill Downs generally grab an opportunity to witness drama, tension and exceptional athleticism of both jockey and horse. The coming year will mark the 146th year of this race and the most renowned thoroughbreds of this planet will all target to be in the field on 2nd May, 2020 which is a Saturday.

Kentucky Derby event guide and details on their betting odds, promotions and moreHence, this eponymous race is the most vital meet in American horse racing event in terms of imagination and attendance. 2 minutes is just the time that the horses take to run on this racecourse. This race takes place over one and quarter miles and it is open to grade 1 horses and it runs since 1875.

Promotions and betting offers at Kentucky Derby

This event is said to be one of the best races that takes place in North America and due to the magnitude of this event, the bookmakers create a wide array of the best deals to lure the novices and the first-time wagers. In most of the American states, betting might be illegal but for the Brit bettors, the Kentucky Derby gives you a lot of offers.

Few of the common offers are hikes in prices, instant return of your money in case your horse doesn’t finish and proper payouts in case your horse pays 5th or 8th. A good idea for betting on Kentucky Derby is that you can easily have a superfecta bet. A wager can make big amount of money by only guessing the names of top 4 horses in the right order. You’ll be surprised to know that the highest payout was a staggering $75,984. You should invest your time in searching through bookmakers to find the most appropriate deal.

Odds prices at Kentucky Derby

Odds prices at Kentucky DerbyThere is no doubt about the fact that the Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest events and hence it needs no mention that the odd prices will always speak about it. There are several bookmakers who watch out for the increase in the odds levels which are higher than a usual race to compete with each other. If you’re someone who is looking forward for that perfect horse for which you can back, it is better to consider the various bookmakers before making a final choice. This is the only way in which you can find the best value for money.

Few of the most interesting facts on Kentucky Derby

Once you take a close look at this event, you’ll get to know that there are several traditions linked with the Kentucky Derby. Since 1935, the Kentucky Derby event was introduced to precede the racing event by 2 weeks. This race comprises of a steamboat race, a balloon race, the best fireworks display, the Pegasus Parade, a basketball championship game and a marathon. When the race goes on, the patrons usually drink a mint juice, mint and sugar juice, bourbon and also a thick stew which is usually common in Kentucky. Here are few lesser-known facts:

Inaugurated: In the year 1875

Distance covered: 1 ¼ miles

Track: Left-handed track

Surface: Dirt

Qualification: 3year thoroughbreds

Weight: 55-57.2 kg

Several horse racing enthusiasts attend this race, even if not to watch the horses racing but to party. The wealthier people buy their tickets at the Millionaire’s Row so that they can get the best views of the track. Women wear their most extravagant and stylish hats while men wear their best suits. The guests are travelled in private jets towards Louisville International Airport.

The horses parade near the grandstands with ‘My Kentucky Old Home’ playing in the background. As the winner reaches the finish line, he is given a blanket of 555 red roses. This specific tradition still continues since 1883. In order to commemorate this win, Dan Fogelberg composed ‘Run for the Roses’ in 1980.

Where Kentucky Derby hails from

Where Kentucky Derby hails fromNo, if you thought that the race originated from North America, you’re wrong as it did in Europe in the year 1872. After visiting Epsom Derby and Grand Prix De Paris in Longchamp, Col. Meriwther Lewis decided to build a premium quality racecourse in his place, Kentucky. He started working hard to raise the money that was required to build this place called Churchill Downs. The first-ever race started in 1875 where 15 horses took on to the field thereby creating a stir in the minds of Americans.

To conclude, it can be safely said that the Kentucky Derby is a part and parcel of Triple Crown of American racing. If you’re a horse bettor, you shouldn’t ever miss betting on this event.

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