Southwell racecourse – A guide for novice horse racing bettors

Essential facts on Southwell racecourse – A guide for novice horse racing bettorsThere is no doubt about the fact that the illustrious and extended history of horse racing has created one of the major sports which is not only rich in heritage but is also replete with the most intriguing and interesting tales along with some startling statistics. As long as the development of horse racing as a sport is concerned, Britain has always played a pivotal role. Horse racing, as a sport, has been embedded in the culture of Britain more than anywhere else in the world. This is a sport where you’ll be always learning and hence you should jumpstart into this field only when you think you know enough on this. Read on to educate yourself on few facts on horse racing

The Southwell Racecourse – All you need to know

This racecourse is located near Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire and racing here date back to the 19th Century. The Southwell racecourse is 1 among the 4 racecourses which is an all-weather track and it also happens to be the one which has a fibre-sand surface. Racing occurs every month of the year and hence you can expect 70 days of racing during each calendar year.

Whether you’re traveling by public transport or you’re driving your own car, Southwell racecourse is extremely accessible to all. The nearest railway station is Rolleston which lies extremely close to the course. Traveling by train is certainly the best option.

Price of tickets at the Southwell racecoursePrice of tickets at the Southwell racecourse

If you buy the standard tickets to this racecourse, you will be allowed entry to the grandstand enclosure and for that you have to pay 12 pounds. On the other hand, if you want access to premier enclosure, you can get it for 16 pounds. Visitors who are still not an adult will get free access to the racecourse if he or she is being accompanied by an adult who has paid for a ticket. Caregivers of disabled customers are also allowed free entry.

More on the Southwell racecourse

This racecourse is perfect for National Hunt races and flat races throughout the year and there are 3 courses on this site. The flat course is left-handed and the all-weather flat course is left-handed and this has a chute which joins both the courses to produce a 5f sprint course which is way more favorable for low-drawn horses. During winter, the flat turf course is used for National Hunt races as well as hurdles and steeplechase.More on the Southwell racecourse

You can also get hospitality suites at Southwell which are given for minimum 10 and maximum 50 guests and this package also includes a 4-course lunch along with a racecard. There is also a separate package for restaurant which is available at 48 pounds per guest. Therefore, if you love horse racing, you can get to know more on the Southwell racecourse and educate yourself on the horse racing events that are held there.

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