Website Under Construction

Our website is currently unavailable. This has been caused by a recent corruption of code causing an issue which is taking us a little time to resolve.

To avoid any confusion I have therefore decided to take down the site whilst we undertake a total overall and refresh of it. I have as of today cancelled all subscriptions. This is unfortunate timing and with over a 1 Million page views in the last 12 months we know just how popular the site is. We are well aware that online marketing and entries for equestrian events is the future and so will be looking forward to the launch of a refreshed website in due course.

We can now take a good look at the best direction, I have a few ideas but would welcome input as to what is missing in the market place from the point of view of organisers and event goers.

If you have any questions then you can contact us on our landline of 01271 850278.